Monday, July 14, 2008

Animal cruelty - fast and easy way to do something about it to make a difference

Whether it is a neighbor's dog that has been tied up outside for several days while owners are vacationing or a story you read in a local paper about an animal being mistreated / exploited, there are steps you can take to do something about feeling sick to your stomach.

While catching up on my smorgasbord of RSS feeds, I came across an odd story of a monkey in the Netherlands that was 'paid' to promote a local tourism spot by having to wear a sandwich board sign every day. The story irritated me not only because this primate was being exploited, but also because I wouldn't even know where to report mistreatment of a monkey in Netherlands - who does?

For any case of animal mistreatment, consider your resource. I was amazed at how easy it was to navigate their site and find out who to contact / what steps to take.

Animal abuse cases (whether in a story you read / in your neighbor's yard / a website that features animal abuse) can be reported to: The form takes a few minutes at most to complete, and in my case I received a personalized email response from PETA within a few days notifying me of international animal rights laws and the course of action she was going to take to follow up on this report. It was amazing to receive feedback in such a timely manner, and provided a feeling of relief that there are easy steps you can take to report a wide range of animal abuse.

On this note, if any readers have recommendations on Albuquerque no-kill shelters that are good spots to drop off strays, I'd greatly appreciate your feedback. Over the past month, I have seen an increase of loose / stray dogs, and would like to know immediate locations I could drop off the next four-legged pal I drive by.

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