Thursday, September 11, 2008

Energy Climate Era, Leadership, and Patriotism

I'm currently working on Thomas Friedman's book, 'Hot, Flat and Crowded'. Although I've only gotten through a mere first fraction of the book, thus far it does an amazing job lifting the smog from the energy / climate crisis topic. Beyond this book, Al Gore's speeches, and mircro / local efforts, it is difficult to pin point a national leader that is not just a figurehead, but has a plan.

Yesterday, T. Boone Pickens was in Albuquerque at the convention center stumping for his plan. A multi billionaire in the oil industry, it is difficult to trust the voice that is a reborn proponent of 'green'. Does our country lack that much fundamental energy leadership, that it takes an oil billionaire to grease the way for the next, cleaner wave of energy?

Although the current election demands candidates speak to the middle, I wish the Obamacampaign would speak with more fervor and direction in regards to energy. Both sides love showing slideshows in the background of ads with windmills, solar panels, etc., yet I haven't' heard much attention dedicated to discussing their plan in detail and what sources of alternative energy they'd like to focus on.

I suppose more and more attention will be paid to the energy crisis as Americans wake up to the issue. Hopefully they'll see - 'Green is not simply a new form of generating electric power. It is a new form of generating national power - period.' (quote from 'Hot, Flat & Crowded') - something any patriot on this solemn day should be cognizant of.

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